Almost No One Caught This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Littlefinger Blooper That Nearly Ruins Everything




If there’s one character on Game of Thrones who’s an absolute pro at playing “the game,” it’s Littlefinger. Not only did the guy come from nothing, but he’s been able to work his way up to becoming the behind-the-scenes leader of the Vale, and if he has his way he might even get to become some sort of legitimized leader in the north. No one knows what Littlefinger’s end game is, but we know he’s in it for himself and only himself.

That’s Littlefinger the character we’re talking about though – not Aidan Gillen, the actor who plays Littlefinger. The whole point of “acting” is to convince people you’re someone else, and yet here we have Aidan, wearing a fuckin’ Timex during episode four of season six:

Yeah, because modern day technology is totally something found in the medieval era.

Then again this time period also has zombies and dragons, so is a Timex really that much of a stretch?

[H/T Metro]