This New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Is Very, Very Bad News For Sansa Stark

There’s a lot of asinine Game of Thrones theories out there. There’s the idea that Tyrion is actually Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s dead fetus baby sent from the past, there’s the “possibility” that Stannis is actually just a huge praying mantis, and of course there’s this one about Sansa being pregnant with Ramsay’s child.

I call bullshit.

Sansa has been through hell and back; she’s watched her father get beheaded, she’s been forcibly married to Tyrion, tortured by Joffrey and emotionally abused by her aunt Lysa. There is no way in hell that George R.R. Martin or David Benioff or D.B. Weiss thought to themselves “Hey, you know what would be great for Sansa’s character arc? If we keep pummeling her into the ground and never let her have a single win…and then she dies.”

“Brilliant!” cries Martin from behind a desk where he does not spend time writing anything at all, “And then we can show her boobs. Because she’s dead.”

“And then a direwolf eats her face and shits it out on Jon Snow’s head.”


The logic behind this theory is simple:

I’ve been think a lot about Sansa this week.

-New dress
-Appetite problems with the Watch’s food.
-She tells Littlefinger that she can “still feel right now” what Ramsay did to her.

Sansa is pregnant!(via)

It’s also simply stupid, because all those points can be countered with:

-Clothes fall apart
-Yeah, I wouldn’t eat the food at the Watch either
-It’s figurative speaking, fool

Yet that hasn’t stopped people on Twitter from subscribing to it:

Ugh, people. Come on now, getting Sansa pregnant wouldn’t do shit for the plot – Ramsay is definitely meeting his end during Snowbowl this season, which means if Sansa gave birth it wouldn’t mean shit. Ain’t no Boltons left to support the kid’s claim to Winterfell, so what are they gonna do with it? Have Sansa carry around a baby for the rest of the series like Gilly?

Gilly sucks, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen to Sansa (which it won’t, I swear it by the old gods and the new).

[Via Reddit]

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