Toothless Dustin From ‘Stranger Things’ Has PIPES And Game With The Ladies

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Gaten Matarazzo mets national anthem

The New York Post has stumbled across footage of Dustin “Toothless” Henderson from Stranger Things singing the national anthem at a New York Mets game and his chords are silky golden smooth.

Thanks to Buzzfeed, here are some more hot samples of Gaten’s vocals …

And here’s how Gaten gets down with his fans…

Gaten Matarazzo instagram

Before I and Brobible get sued, that’s been altered. Here’s the original.

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Met these guys at Hartland. They were great.

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Go ‘head, Toothless. Get you some. My man’s like Chunk from Goonies meets Corey Feldman also from Goonies. I look forward to the inevitable collabo with Drake and Skrillex.

As for his character on Stranger Things… I’m only up to episode (or chapter) seven, but I’m hoping there’s a flash-forward episode where we see Dustin in college. Because he’s definitely the fat party animal in a button-down Hawaiian shirt. And he’s definitely trying to get Mike and Eleven to press pause on banging each other’s brains out for a night to actually hang out for once, while also trying to scoop up Lucas’ scraps. Getting friend-zoned all over the place. Woof.

Via Buzzfeed, New York Post

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