Geraldo Rivera Wants Taylor Swift Running This Country, The First Sensible Idea We’ve Heard All Day

by 4 years ago
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Taylor Swift is already America’s sweetest Sweetheart. She’s managed to find room for every type of citizen in her camp — and her pocketbook. Democrats love her. Republicans love her. Members of fringe parties love her.

In short, she seems like a unifier.

This quality hasn’t gone unnoticed by news personality Geraldo River. The Fox News contributor shared his can’t-miss plan to fix this country with a simple tweet last night and it is quite thought-provoking.


Yup. This can’t miss. No one would care as she oversaw a nation whose economy plummeted thanks to her folksy charm. No issue would be raised as we looked the other way on the age requirements. It’d all be rainbows and butterflies.

Until it ended. Then she’d probably defect to Cuba and write a scathing break-up song listing all our faults. That is, after all, the playbook.

[H/T: Mediaite]

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