What…The F*ck…Is Going On With Gigi Hadid’s Alien-Looking Hand On This ‘Vogue’ Cover?


Gigi Hadid, Instagram

So there’s a new issue of Vogue out in which they got a bunch of models together to hug each other on the beach representing… something, I don’t know.

Some people are bent out of shape about it because they say that plus-size model Ashley Graham was the only one with her hand down, supposedly hiding her leg to make her look thinner. They were also upset because, as you will see, the models in the photo are, well, they’re not exactly diverse in ethnicity.


None of that had really occurred to me though because all I can see when I look at the cover is Gigi Hadid’s completely fucked up hand.

Take a closer look…


Gigi Hadid, Instagram

Uhhh… thaaaaat doesn’t look right. Maybe Gigi is really just a clone and had some kind of malfunction when they snapped the pic?

Listen, I get it, magazines use Photoshop on photos. But c’mon Vogue… surely you can do better than a Lindsay Lohan-level shop job on your damn cover, right?

Needless to say, the internet was ALL OVER this epic fail



Well, at least they made someone laugh, right?

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