What Would ‘GoldenEye 007’ For Nintendo 64 Look Like With Modern Video Game Graphics?

GoldenEye 007 was a pretty important part of my childhood. When the game came out for Nintendo 64 in 1997, it’s graphics were revolutionary. I remember getting it for Christmas that year, about four months after playing it at a friend’s house, and being enamored by the game’s visual dimensionality.

Part of the game’s universal appeal to this day is the rough, throwback kitsch of graphics that were considered state-of-the-art in 1997. But what if GoldenEye 007 was update with a graphics engine to make it look like a modern game for Xbox One or Playstation 4?

Aspiring video game designer Jude Wilson re-imagined Goldeneye’s Facility level. It’s the very first one in the game, as you’ll recall. It’s part of an assignment for his Master’s degree and, based on the Internet’s reaction, it deserves about a thousand A++s.

I want to play multiplayer in there, Throwing Knives or Power Weapons Only mode. Proximity Mines would be fun too.


I couldn’t imagine a Goldeye 007 revamp for next-gen systems. Big Head Mode on it would be next-level.

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