Here’s The Brand New ‘Silicon Valley’ Scene Google Ran Before Today’s Keynote, Featuring Dinesh And Gilfoyle

If you haven’t heard by now let me fill you in, earlier today Google held a keynote event during which they announced the new Google Pixel phones, Daydream Virtual Reality, Google WiFi, Google Home, and it even featured a Chromecast unveiling. To kick off Google‘s Pixel Keynote they hired HBO’s Silicon Valley to put together a quick two-minute sketch about the Keynote, thus making this the most meta keynote opening in Silicon Valley history. The clip featured Dinesh and Gilfoyle, programmers from Pied Piper on HBO’s nerdy comedy that follows Game of Thrones on Sundays, and the two were bickering over invites and betas to the Google Pixel Keynote. Naturally, Dinesh was left on the outside as he’s the more awkward of the two programmers and that’s his place on the show.

As for what was announced in the Google Pixel Keynote, well, we pretty much knew what was coming after pictures of the new Google Pixel phones leaked yesterday. You can see all of those pictures by following that link to yesterday’s article, but I don’t want to send you off empty handed so here’s a little bit to whet your beak:

Check out all the pics of the Google Pixel phones HERE!!!

…(h/t on the ‘Silicon Valley’ clip above!)…