Hootie & The Blowfish Reunited On ‘Letterman’ Last Night, So That’s Awesome If You Love The ’90s

On Thursday evening, one of the quintessential ’90s soft rock bands, Hootie & The Blowfish, reunited on The Tonight Show With David Letterman to play one of their biggest hits to date, “Hold My Hand.”

Funny enough, it was another chart topping single – “Let Her Cry” – that first thrust lead singer Darius Rucker and his band mates, Mark Bryan, Dean Felber and Jim Sonefeld, into the spotlight after they performed it on Letterman’s show some twenty years ago in 1994.

The band has plans to reunite for several charity gigs this August, playing shows in Charleston, S.C.. There’s no word whether Rucker plans to try to sneak “Wagon Wheel” into the sets or not, but if this is any preview, the performances will be great, regardless.