Wait A Second… Is A New Season Of ‘How To Make It In America’ Actually Happening?

HBO’s How To Make It In America enjoyed its time in the sun back in 2010 and 2011. Even though the execution was a little cheesy, the show’s main theme strikes a nerve with a generation — passionate millennials find and follow their dreams while hustling their hearts out in New York City. Featuring Kid Cudi and amazing nude scenes with a topless Lake Bell, it’s pretty much fetishized TV gospel for Bro-y, entrepreneurs and people who use tweet motivational quotes with the hashtag “#riseandgrind” in the morning. How To Make It In America was sort of a disguised soap opera with a couple of jokes for hip, 20-something millennials.

As a 25-year-old living in New York City and working for BroBible, I loved it when it first came out. It felt like… LIFE. What Entourage was to LA, How To Make It America was to New York. It was the main ethos of the work-hard, play-hard East Coast, Beast Coast mentality personified as a TV series. It was Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” with characters. And it’s theme song was rad as hell.

HBO canned How To Make It In America after its second season, leaving some frustrating plot cliffhangers for fans: Was Eddie Kaye Thomas from American Pie going to survive white collared prison? Would Crisp denim thrive or survive? Would Lake Bell ever fuck Kid Cudi ever again? Did Rasta Monsta stand a chance? Uh, what happened to all the married women Ben Epstein banging? But mostly, Lake Bell.

Maybe all those story arcs will be resolved after all. Bryan Greenberg a.k.a. Ben Epstein ‘gramed this recent lunch pic with Victor Rasuk a.k.a. Cam Calderon.

But on Facebook, Victor Rasuk straight up mentioned that they’re trying to make Season 3 happen:

#Regram hangin with my brotha from anotha @bryangreenberg We tryin’ to make it happen people!! #Season3 @getpaidedelman

Posted by Victor Rasuk on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We’ll see if anything actually happens here. My fingers aren’t crossed since HBO has evolved beyond the series. What’s in the past is in the past and there’s no way it’d happen on another competitor platform like Netflix since HBO owns the rights to the show’s previous episodes in perpetuity.

But still, I think if this means more Lake Bell on premium cable, we’d all be grateful.

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