Hugh Hefner Dead? Internet Freaks Out While Hef Responds To Rumor In His Own Charming Way

Is Hugh Hefner dead? Nope. Much like so many celebs before him, “died” over the weekend and the internet lost their minds.

A fake news story made the rounds on Facebook and Twitter over the weekend claiming the 88-year-old Playboy founder died of natural causes in the Playboy Mansion. If he’s going to die in the mansion, I’d imagine it would be inside the grotto or inside a 19-year-old Playmate (ZING!).

As of around midnight last night, the Hugh Hefner fake-death story had over 159,000 Facebook shares, 39,000 Likes, over 1800 Twitter shares and began trending on both social media outlets.

Hugh Hefner dead? He’s fine. He posted on Twitter to squash the death rumors and also to let everyone know it’s movie night at the mansion.

“”Hugh Hefner then posted a photo of the family getting ready to enjoy American Sniper.

Hugh Hefner dead? Hardly! He’s fine! He only LOOKS dead.

[H/T: Hollywood Life]