How Long Would You Live If You Drank As Much Alcohol As James Bond Drinks?


James Bond

James Bond is a dude who knows how to drink. And fuck. And kick bad guy ass. But how is he able to stay such a deadly killing machine for MI6 when he boozes all the time? Wouldn’t all that drinking catch up with him?

Well, yeah. According to our friends at Airows, a study in the British Medical Journal by liver specialist Dr. Indra Neil Guha analyzed what James Bond’s drinking habits would do to his health. It was compiled into a pretty nifty little infographic by Makovsky Integrated Communications.

Turns out James Bond might be a little bit of a problem-drinker. His liver is as iron-clad as playing as Oddjob in Goldeneye 64.


Makovsky Integrated Communications/Ryan Engelbert

No fucks given.



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[H/T: Airows]

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