Comedian Jared Logan Wants You All To Make Fun Of His Friend’s Mom On Twitter

Comedian Jared Logan joined the BroBible Podcast this week to discuss several important subject like religion, books, speaking in tongues and awful DVD collections that are deal breakers.

Jared is hilarious comic who’s had his own Comedy Central special, appeared on Best Week Ever, The Pete Holmes Show and The Meltdown. His new CD, My Brave Battle, is out now and it’s beyond funny. Way beyond funny. You’ll get the bends like the astronauts on the way down.

It was a delightful conversation…until…Jared Logan started a war. Not with us. With his “friend” Jermaine Fowler. He makes a plea of the BroBible crowd. Say some very unnice things about Jermaine’s mom on Twitter. That’s right, it’s a Twitter beef, and the BroBible podcast is right in the thick of it. Speaking of thick, Jermaine’s mom is….

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