Jennifer Garner Was Looking Good, Ultra-Competitive Playing Catchphrase On ‘The Tonight Show’

jennifer garner tonight show

YouTube/Tonight Show

Jennifer Garner, who we don’t see nearly enough of these days, most definitely made the most of her appearance on The Tonight Show last night.

During the interview portion of her appearance she told a classic story of how everyone in her house got head lice and unluckily for her she decided to go to a party during that time only to run into George Clooney smelling like, as she put it, “a mixture of sulfur and rosemary” thanks to the treatment. The kicker is, to make matters even worse, it was the first time Garner had ever met him. And THAT’S why she doesn’t think she and her husband Ben Affleck got invited to his wedding, “I think he didn’t want Licey there,” she joked.

But she wasn’t done there, Garner also filmed a segment recalling how her poor wardrobe choices helped result in the worst audition of her career.

And even after all that Garner also played a hilarious and wildly competitive game of Catchphrase partnered up with Jimmy Fallon against John Mulaney and Questlove. Not sure who was more competitive in thisone, Garner or Fallon, because wow, they both really wanted to win.