Jennifer Lawrence Got Shot With A BB Gun While She Peed Naked And Gives Big ‘F*ck You’ To Donald Trump

Jennifer Lawrence took a break from cunt-punching Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner to appear on The Graham Norton Show. Joining the lovely JLaw was X-Men co-star James McAvoy, who plays Charles Xavier.

The castmates tell the story of how McAvoy shot Jennifer while on the set of X-Men: Apocalypse as she was peeing naked into a funnel. I did not know the new X-Men movie was going to have watersports. I’m intrigued.

Lawrence wears a blue pantyhose that covers her entire body for her role as mutant Mystique and it apparently isn’t easy to take a whiz in. “I [couldn’t] sit to pee,” JLaw said of her costume. “I can’t do any form of bathroom. The guy who made it was like, ‘Well, she’s a girl. She doesn’t go to the bathroom.’” So she had to strip naked and pee into a funnel while standing up. All of the sudden McAvoy “burst into her bathroom with a BB gun while she was trying to pee in a funnel.” Being a Hollywood actor seems like fun. “And it wasn’t fair because we were all shooting each other with guns, but you all were in clothes, and I’m naked,” Lawrence said. “They’re all ganging up on me and I’m naked!” Yeah, being a big Hollywood actor definitely seems like fun.

The important question is will this footage be on the DVD extras?

She also told the story of planning to confront the presumptive Republican presidential candidate and tell him off. She had her security team attempt to find Donald Trump at a concert that they were both attending. When she met the Donald she was going to make a video where she gives him the finger and says, “Hey Trump, fuck you!” Lawrence has spoken negatively about Trump in the past. Last October, she said “If Donald Trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world.”

JLaw revealed that she humiliated herself by thinking that Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams would know her so she walked over to them and started dancing. They had no idea who she was.