Jennifer Lawrence Wikipedia Page Hacked To Show Stolen Nude Photos

Yesterday the Jennifer Lawrence Wikipedia page was hacked to show stolen nude photos that were part of The Fappening yesterday. It was surely no coincidence either that this occurred on the same day Jennifer Lawrence accused those of leaking her private nude photos of “sex crimes” in an article in Vanity Fair.

Reportedly there was a 20 minute span in which two nude photos appeared on the Jennifer Lawrence Wikipedia page before finally being removed for good, but not by Wikipedia as it turns out, but by the hackers themselves.

So how did this happen and how did no one get caught since people aren’t supposed to be able to edit a Wikipedia page without being a registered member? Jezebel has the answers…

After looking at their records, a representative from the Wikimedia Foundation explained that it appears that at 21:52 UTC, a user uploaded the first image to the comments page the hosts the image file itself, keeping the title of the original file. It was then deleted 14 minutes later. At 22:12, the second image was uploaded, but then deleted four minutes later. It appears that the account in question was not associated with any of Wikipedia’s editors but was a sock puppet – an account made to look as though it was legitimate. In order to remove the images entirely, a Wikipedia administrator deleted the entire comments page and started again, which is why no record of the edits or that file exists on history page.

There really is no way to stop these people, is there?

Wikipedia image: Jezebel; Jennifer Lawrence image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock