Jimmy Kimmel Asked Random Guys If They’ve Looked at the Hacked Nude Pics

This is so unfair, asking random guys on the street if they’ve looked up the hacked celebrity nude pics. No way they can win no matter how they answer. Because either they admit that they’re total pervs like 97% of the rest of men or they have to quickly come up with some silly lie to try to convince us otherwise.

One guy though didn’t even hesitate calling the leaked nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence his “my most prized vision.” While a couple of others admitted that they hadn’t seen the pics, though now that they were aware they planned to do so when they got home. (Or I suppose they could just wait for the art exhibit, opening soon!)

Even the guy dressed as Superman above admitted, “Now I have a task to do when I get home.” He is the Man of Steel after all. Sorry. I’ll go sit in the corner.