This ‘Message To The Class Of 2017’ Featuring The Funniest Actors In Hollywood Is Perfect

Most of the colleges and universities on the East Coast have already held their commencements, but many colleges on the West Coast (and trimester schools) are still wrapping up. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy enlisted the help of what seems like every funny actor in Hollywood to deliver this ‘message to the class of 2017’. It’s every celebrity commencement speech wrapped up into one perfect delivery.

One of the perks of Jimmy Kimmel‘s job is that he has a revolving door of hilarious actors and actresses sitting on his couch every single night. Instead of trying to juggle a thousand different schedules for a video like this, Jimmy can film several second clips over the course of months and compile them together down the road. Sure, Jimmy might’ve had all these people in the studio this week but I think it’s much more likely that he’s been working on the ultimate celebrity commencement speech for months.

I wish I could tell you bros who the speaker at my college graduation was, but truth be told I skipped my commencement to go fishing with my parents. Instead of getting dressed up in a cap and gown we took out an inshore charter in northwest Florida and went to catch redfish all day long. If you ask me, my day was a hell of a lot better than sitting in some auditorium waiting for someone to call my name.