Fallon Can’t Look Joe Buck In The Eyes When Joe Tells Him Why His Vocal Chords Were Once Paralyzed

by 1 year ago

Joe Buck has hair plugs. He is a man who was so uncomfortable with hair loss he was willing to undergo painful procedures to have his hair relocated and transplanted to make himself appear as if he wasn’t going bald. But Joe Buck was going bald, and he almost lost his vocal chords because of a botched procedure.

He apparently talks about this in his new book, but he also told an abbreviated version of the story last night to Jimmy Fallon, and upon hearing the news that Joe Buck paralyzed his vocal chords during hair plug surgery Jimmy couldn’t even look Joe Buck in the eyes.

I’m not going bald, my hair’s not thinning out, and thus I can’t really put myself in Joe Buck’s shoes and understand where he was coming from in getting hair plug treatments. He’s a TV personality, his face/appearance is everything, but shouldn’t he be able to age like a man without having to go through ridiculous cosmetic procedures? Would anyone really give a shit if Joe Buck went bald? Do people care at all what Joe Buck looks like?

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