What’s That? John Oliver Hilariously Destroyed FIFA Yet Again!? Wonderful News!

I’m not sure John Oliver has had a better beat on any subject as of late than FIFA and the evidently rampant corruption surrounding the world’s soccer governing body.

Again, on Sunday night, Oliver went on a hilarious rant about how one FIFA exec just posted bail by means of giving up his Ferrari and five Rolex watches…because gifts like that totally doesn’t scream of backward business, bribery and corruption, am I right!? He also pointed out how FIFA’s on again/off again president, Sepp Blatter, seems to be quite friendly with none other than that commie, Vlad Putin.

What I can’t believe is that he didn’t mention his fellow Englishman, the comedian Lee Nelson who showered Sepp Blatter with money during a press conference last week. That stunt was gold, as was Blatter remarking something to the effect of, “the money needs to be cleaned up before the press conference can continue,” because it just didn’t feel right. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

At this rate, I almost want John Oliver to get the lead prosecutor role when all this FIFA hubub goes to trial. Don’t even care that he’s not a lawyer. No way he wouldn’t be victorious in that case. Hell, bring Lee Nelson along too (that’s if he’s still alive and FIFA security didn’t beat him within an inch of his life in a back alley after that money-showering stunt)!