John Stamos Cited For DUI, Hospitalized, After Driving His Benz Around Beverly Hills Like A Lunatic

Uncle Jesse, what were you thinking, bro!?

TMZ reported on the story late last night:

John Stamos was booked for DUI Friday night in Beverly Hills, and was allegedly so out of it … police sent him straight to a hospital.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Bev Hills officers responded to a call around 7:45 PM of a silver Mercedes driving erratically, and when cops stopped the vehicle … they felt Stamos needed immediate medical attention. He was driving by himself.

Officers handcuffed Stamos at the scene, and then paramedics transported him to a hospital.

Police followed, and cited him for misdemeanor DUI while he was getting treatment.

Man, not a good look at all for the Full House star.

Obviously, any level of intoxication should prevent you from being behind the wheel. But if the cops are having you ambulanced to a hospital, then chances are you’re blasted beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Danny Tanner would be pretty damn disappointed right about now.

Don’t drink and drive, bros.