This ‘John Wick’ Trailer Done Using ‘GTA V’ Makes Us Ask, Where The Hell Is Our John Wick Video Game?

by 5 years ago
john wick trailer gta v

YouTube - Powerlight-13

Okay, so I know you bros are down with John Wick. The news that there is going to be a John Wick 2 was met with great enthusiasm. So I figured if you’re like me you’ll get a kick out of seeing the John Wick trailer redone using Grand Theft Auto V.

It’s pretty well done and is a nice reminder of one of the most badass films of them all.

But as you watch, take a good look and ask yourself the same question I was asking the whole time. Why hasn’t a John Wick game, nay, a John Wick game SERIES been put into development yet? Hell, we should already have our first game in the series by now! Get on that whoever you people are who make video games!!

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