‘TOO SOON!’ — Here’s A List Of Jokes The Writers From ‘Workaholics’ Want Retired From Comedy

“Too soon!” “Spoiler alert!” “Hard pass!” “Zero fucks given!” “Thanks Obama!” ‘Random!” What the What!”

If you consume Internet content all day, you know just how old and tired these comedy writing tropes are. You experience them everywhere: In a friend’s comment on Facebook, on Reddit, hell — here on BroBible when we’re lazy and can’t think of something creative to offer the world about a drink named after Beastmode.

The writers on the show Workaholics white boarded a bunch of dusty, overused tropes in comedy writing over the past decade. Now that Obama’s leaving office, we can keep all your “THANKS, OBAMA!” snark to ourselves — it’s a snarky comment that’s only been beaten to death on Facebook millions of times over.



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