Jon Stewart Revealed The Date Of His Final Episode Of ‘The Daily Show’

jon stewart final daily show date

YouTube - Comedy Central

Jon Stewart, you will be sorely missed.

In news we really didn’t want to hear, Jon Stewart waited until the final moments of Monday night’s edition of The Daily Show to reveal when his last day as host will take place.

The good news is that we still have a few more months to enjoy Stewart on the show until that date which will be August 6th.

As for what will take place on that final show?

“I will be wearing a suit, I will more than likely be showered,” Stewart told the audience to a mixed reaction, to which he then replied, “I’m sorry, I’ll be wearing overalls and I won’t shower.”

Fans wanting to be in attendance at his final taping of The Daily Show will have a chance to win two tickets and a trip to New York via a contest the show is holding.

Stewart didn’t say whether new host Trevor Noah will be taking over immediately or if there will be a gap between his departure and Noah taking over the helm.