Jon Stewart Returns To ‘Daily Show’ To Address The ‘Big News’ That Happened While The Show Was On Break

The Daily Show has been on a break for a few weeks. The show went on a short hiatus either because of Easter and Passover or because Stewart only has a couple months left as host and he’s just mailing it in.

During the show’s break, a new Daily Show host was announced in Trevor Noah, and the character slamming began almost immediately. You know, because as a nation, we demand the highest integrity and cleanest of records in our news satire programs. Comedy show hosts are vetted harder than politicians in this fucking country.

Jon returned last night and addressed…well…he addressed the big news that happened while he was gone.

It took a ton of guts for Stewart to say that, especially given his past with the current WWE champion, and I applaud him for it.

Although I have to admit, Rollins still owes Stewart for the nut shot heard round the world. Stewart should still watch his back…and his balls.

[via Wrestling Inc.]