Is Jonah Hill’s Mom Trying To Hook Up On Tinder? Because It Sure Looks That Way

jonah hill mom tinder

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Celebrities, they’re just like us, right? Well, maybe not, but perhaps celebrity moms are because according to Redditor SavageSylvester Jonah Hill’s mom Sharon came up on Tinder as he was swiping away the other day.

Some of the facts here check out too. There is no doubt that is Jonah in the photo. Jonah’s mom’s name is in fact Sharon. Sharon’s face matches up with other pictures we have seen of her such as the one above. He does have two sisters with the same names. However, she says that she’s 47, which since Jonah is 32 would have made her 14 or 15 when he was born. Still, maybe she was fibbing a little bit just like many other people do who use the app.

So before we totally poo-poo this as some sort of catfish scam you might recall that Hilary Duff and other famous people have admitted to using Tinder in the past.

Plus, who would choose to pretend to be Jonah Hill’s mom for a catfish scheme? Seems like a pretty obscure choice, no?

So maybe, just maybe, there is a chance that SavageSylvester or anyone else in the same part of the country as Sharon could in fact end up being, as he put it, Jonah Hill’s “new dad.”

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