Here’s Jonah Hill Repping A Local Skate Shop In The Most Hilariously Awkward Spot Ever Filmed

As perfect as this clip is I really hope that Jonah Hill’s new spot for a ‘Palace x Reebok’ skating shoe collaboration doesn’t lead to a flood of celebrities filming awkward scenes in front of green screens, because you can only win the lottery once. Unless you’re my friend Kevin’s parents, they won the lottery jackpot twice, and they clearly signed some sort of jackpot with Lucifer.

At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about this video. I’m not typically into the ‘awkward for the sake of being awkward’ clips unless there’s a river of running jokes like in Arrested Development, which is something you can’t pull off in two minutes. But this worked, Jonah Hill nailed it for Reebok and the Palace skateboarding shop, and my best guess is they got him high as a kite before flipping on the cameras and doused his eyes in Visine. But he had me at ‘Hello skateboard friend‘ which is a phrase I’m sure I’ll be dropping in everyday conversation going forward, and one that almost nobody will have a clue what I’m referencing each time so I’ll just end up looking even more awkward than Jonah Hill…

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(YouTube / John McFarlan)