Jude Law in ‘Completely Wasted at a Bar’ Is One of His Finest Performances in Years


Seeing a video of a celebrity piss-drunk is no longer scandalous. We’re at the point in society where anyone who finds moral outrage in some annihilated famous guy is treated as a square or worse.

But the videos are still totally entertaining, if only because they definitively answer the question, “Would I want to hang out with this famous bro or not?” better than watching any movie. In the case of Justin Bieber, the answer is “No.” In the cases of Kiefer Sutherland, Mark Wahlberg, and, of course, David Hasselhoff the answer is “Absolutely.”

Add Jude Law to the good list. Jude Law is a dude. Here he is bro’ing out, and making out (with a Playboy model no less), in Hungary. He’s buying all the shots tonight, lads.

[H/T: Gothamist]