Justin Bieber Involved in Hit-and-Run, Paparazzo Injured

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a traffic collision occurred outside of the Laugh Factory at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights in Hollywood.

The incident was caught on tape and seen by CBS2′s Amber Lee.

According to Lee, footage showed Bieber behind the wheel of his white Ferrari, surrounded by paparazzi, as he tried to leave the comedy club shortly before midnight.

The singer motioned for photographers to move so he could leave and reportedly pinned a paparazzo between his Ferrari and a parked car, TMZ reported.

A witness said Bieber then left the scene, a paparazzo told Lee.

The photographer involved in the crash was treated at a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries to his left leg.

You’ll recall the pop star was recently involved in an auto-related incident with ESPN talking head Keyshawn Johnson.

Perhaps, and I’m just spitballing here, he should use some of his fortune to employ a driver less likely to fuck things up behind the wheel.

[H/t: CBS LA]

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