Justin Bieber Posts, Deletes Photo of Miranda Kerr Shortly After Reportedly Dodging a Punch from Orlando Bloom

Justin Bieber responded to his alleged altercation with Orlando Bloom in the most Justin Bieber way possible: by posting a cocky Instagram shot of Miranda Kerr in a bikini.

The Biebs quickly deleted the photo, but not before it was captured in all its emoji caption glory.

Hmm. What could the crown possibly mean? That he conquered Kerr? That he’s the king?

Now, getting inside the mind of Bieber is a dangerous place to be. He’s just so clever and is usually working on a whole other level.

No matter his intentions, it’s hard to see where posting a picture of a Bloom’s ex is going to help tensions cool.

And that’s a good thing for the rest of us. A Bieber-Bloom feud is precisely what the world needs right now to distract us from other more important global issues.

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