Kanye West Jumped Into A Lake During A Concert In Armenia, And It’s True, He Can Walk On Water

by 5 years ago

This week, Kayne West accompanied Kim Kardashian to Kim’s homeland, Armenia. While Kim laid flowers at the Armenian Genocide Memorial, Kayne performed a surprise concert at Swan Lake in Yerevan, the country’s capital.

The concert lasted several minutes and ended in a wet rendition of the song ‘Good Life,’ when Kanye yelled ‘Like we always do it this time!’ before plunging into the murky Swan Lake waters. Hundreds of concert-goers followed, creating a mosh-like scene before police shut it down.

Some fans were particularly impressed with the stunt.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 6.02.25 PM


Every time I want to write Kayne off for good, he does something awesome like this. For someone who can be an unapologetic self-righteous diva, he can also jump into a murky lake like a giddy child during a concert he didn’t have to put on in the first place. Props, Yeezy.

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