Watch Kevin Hart Smack The Shit Out Of Jimmy Fallon While Playing Slapjack

On Thursday, the stakes were high in this painful game of blackjack as Kevin Hart took on Jimmy Fallon in a game of slapjack on The Tonight Show. The last time Jimmy played slpajack he got dominated by Mark Wahlberg, but the actor took it easy on the slaps. That was not the case with Kevin Hart because he smacked Jimmy like he owed him money.

“If I win your face is gonna be red buddy,” Hart promised. Hart hilariously smashed Fallon in the face pretty hard in what is supposed to be a friendly game. The healthy smack could have been retribution for Fallon not providing Hart with a giant black hand for the game.

On a side note, Kevin Hart should be playing poker because he may have the greatest poker face of all-time. He’s so ridiculously confident with his shit cards in blackjack that if he played poker you would have no read on what he is actually holding.