This Video From Kim Kardashian’s 8th Grade Graduation Puts EVERYTHING In Perspective

Kim Kardashian turned 34-years-old yesterday. Last year she celebrated with an engagement ring and a proposal from Kanye West at  AT&T Park in San Francisco. This year we have a look back at her 8th grade graduation via Entertainment Tonight. Though every single person on the planet acts like a twerpy little brat in Middle School/Jr. High, the footage from her 8th grade graduation “party” (who has a party for such a banal accomplishment?) makes you realize that she’s always been pretty damn annoying. As one YouTube commenter puts it:

she was really that girl you will just hate for no reason,. righttt from time.

She’s definitely trying waaaaaayyyyyyy too hard to play off the self-centered “I’m so popular, I’m so cool!” card. But then again… Who didn’t at like a hobbit at the age of 13?

[H/T: Complex]

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