LOL PRIVILEGE: 19-Year-Old Daughter Of RFK Jr. Mouths Off To Bouncer ‘I Am A Kennedy, Google Me!’

The ‘Kennedy’ name is one of the most powerful surnames in United States history. From John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie Onassis to Robert F. Kennedy (and junior) the name Kennedy wields power on part with ‘Vanderbilt’ and ‘Rockefeller’. That power is precisely what this 19-year-old daughter of RFK Jr. (Kyra Kennedy) was hoping to wield when she reportedly mouthed off to a bouncer at Club Lava in the Turning Stone Resort Casino in upstate New York.

Firstly: LOL at this underage girl trying to party at a janky casino club in Verona, NY and then trying to pull the ‘Kennedy’ card when she gets brutally rebuffed by the bouncer.

Secondly: LOL at the (allegedly) ridiculous display of entitlement and privilege this 19-year-old threw at a bouncer. A bouncer whose only job is to make sure underage people don’t get into the club, and who couldn’t give two shits about a no-name umpteenth generation Kennedy.

NY Post’s Gossip Column Page Six reports:

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s underage younger daughter Kyra Kennedy made a scene when she was refused entry at an upstate New York nightclub, screaming at security, “I am a Kennedy, Google me!”

Witnesses said Kyra appeared inebriated when she arrived at the club and was trying to enter an over-21 area using a passport belonging to her 26-year-old half-sister Kick Kennedy.

One witness said, “A security guard took Kick’s passport from Kyra and asked her to recite her birth date, and she didn’t know it. He then caught her trying to look up Kick’s birthday on Wikipedia on her phone. The security guard then refused to return the passport, and Kyra started shouting all this stuff, including, ‘I am a Kennedy, Google me. If you don’t let me in, the governor will be calling.’”


If all this is to be believed, this dumbass 19-year-old thinks that THE GOVERNOR would pick up the phone and berate a club bouncer for not letting an underage person using an illegal passport in to a club to drink alcohol? What happened to the great name of ‘Kenndedy’?!?!

According to Gothamist the misguided young Kennedy was visiting Syracuse University last weekend when all this took place, and here are some pics from the gram featuring her and her friend’s escapades:

Well, you can’t say she’s not hot. I guess this is one Kennedy we’re going to have to keep on our radar if she’s already making ‘club incident’ headlines at age 19 and looking like that…

You can click here for more from Kyra Kennedy’s Instagram, and to read more on this story you can head on over to Page Six.