Leonardo DiCaprio Pulls YET ANOTHER Power Move, Allegedly Flies 30 Girls to Brazil to Party With Him


If you thought Leonardo DiCaprio couldn’t possibly get more legendary after throwing shade at The Kardashians and Justin Bieber, you’re… dead wrong.  Partying in Brazil for the World Cup with 20 of his best friends on a 484-foot mega-yacht, the thirst apparently caught up to Hollywood’s most badass playboy. If it’s to be believed, a report in UK tabloid The Mirror alleges that DiCaprio flew 30 girls to Brazil to party with him on his boat. Another 20 are already vacationing in Rio:

Thirty were flown in specially, put up in a swanky hotel and fed and watered all at his expense – how very generous. The other 20 live in the wealthy tourist resort which is 100 miles east of capital Rio.

The single actor, 39 – who has been dating lingerie model Toni Garrn for a year – hired out Pacha nightclub for his lady-filled bash after checking out Brazil’s opening match against Croatia.

Our source says: “Leo had bottles and bottles of Dom Perignon champagne going around.

“He really had gone all out on it and spared no expense. It was a really lavish party.

Flying chicks to Brazil is maybe the ultimate Bro move. As if there aren’t enough beautiful women there. But WAIT… It gets better. But first, Can I just chime in to say how I love that Pacha nightclub basically acted like his personal pimp? I’m sure that party looked like this:


How many ‘ludes does he have on that boat? Here are more details from The Mirror:

“Some of the girls taught him a dance to Valesca Popozuda’s hit Bejinho no Ombro – Little Kiss on the Shoulder – and he loved it so much he kept asking the DJ to play it again and again.

“He didn’t really cosy up to any one girl in particular. He was really sociable and kept wandering from one woman to the next.

“He seemed keen to have a good time with all of them.

“At 4am he took some of the girls back to his borrowed £400million superyacht which was anchored nearby. They were still partying at 6pm on Saturday evening.”

Leo’s luxury liner has eight floors, three pools and two helipads – just the two. Among guests were former Brazilian Big Brother star Marien Carretero and Playboy model Mari Silvestre. Leo has also been hanging out with Fugees rapper Pras Michel. 

Did The Wolf do it again or did The Wolf do it again? No one will ever be on Leo’s level.

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