Leonardo DiCaprio To Appear In Court Over Huge Lawsuit Pertaining To His Role In ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

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Well, we know that Leonardo DiCaprio won’t be banging models for at least an hour or two in the very near future because he’s set to appear in court after being deposed in a $25 million defamation lawsuit pertaining to his blockbuster film The Wolf of Wall Street. The lawsuit hinges around the film’s portrayal of Andrew Greene, who claims that in the film he was depicted as nothing more than ‘a toupee-wearing, prostitute-loving degenerate character named Nicky “Rugrat” Koskoff’, according to PageSix.

Apparently Greene’s lawyers tried to depose Leonardo DiCaprio earlier this week but reports came back that he was ‘too busy’, which is probably code of ‘Mr. DiCaprio is knee deep in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit trim at the moment, if you’d like to leave a message he’ll get back to you after his next orgy’.

PageSix.com reports:

DiCaprio, who earned an Academy Award nomination for best actor for his role as sleazy businessman Jordan Belfort in the flick, is set to be grilled by lawyers for Andrew Greene. Greene sued Paramount Pictures and others in 2014 claiming the flick portrayed him as a toupee-wearing, prostitute-loving degenerate character named Nicky “Rugrat” Koskoff.
They said DiCaprio, who co-produced the movie, was a “driving force” behind getting the flick made and is “knowledgeable regarding significant issues in this case,” according to a court filing.
Judge Steven Locke granted a motion to compel DiCaprio’s deposition, saying it would take place “at a reasonable time and place agreed to by the parties.”

Greene claims his identity is “readily apparent” in the movie and that his “Wolf” character, played by actor P.J. Byrne, was repeatedly mocked for his “piece of s—t hairpiece.”
The Huntington Station, Long Island resident says he was also depicted as a morally bankrupt drug abuser.
Greene worked for infamous boiler-room stock firm Stratton Oakmont from 1993 to 1996 and was a childhood friend of Belfort in real life, the lawsuit says.

This guy’s seeking $25 million because he feels that his hairpiece was unfairly mocked in The Wolf of Wall Street, Silicon Valley billionaires are anonymously funding lawsuits against Gawker…Seriously, what in the actual hell is going on with our justice system these days? I’m shocked none of you bros have sued me yet for being too good looking and having way too large of a dong, because that seems like a pretty viable lawsuit based on some others out there.

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For more on this lawsuit you can click on over to PageSix.com

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