Lewis Black Takes A Steamy Dump On Millennials In This Hilarious ‘Daily Show’ Rant

Millennials have taken an absolute beating this week.

First, America’s own college professors have come out and basically called students a bunch of fragile, small-willed, whiny bitches. No, but really, they did. Now, Lewis Black takes a shot at eviscerating our generation on The Daily Show’s “Back in Black” segment by exposing our fear of human interaction and our obsession with technology. Granted, the kid they interviewed who wishes he could order McDonald’s on his phone may be an insufferable asshole, but the fact that I thought he kind of had a good idea is an indication that I’m a millennial douche. There’s no coming back from it. Might as well embrace it. I’m going to go ask my dad to put money into my account.

[h/t Uproxx]