Louis C.K. Discusses Racist Chickens, Moose, Giraffes And Sperm On SNL Monologue

Louis C.K. uses his SNL monologue to try out new material (As seen HERE) and offend people. Last night was no excepetion.

Louis C.K. returned to the Saturday Night Live stage and discussed a myriad of topics in his 9-minute set including racist chickens, moose, giraffes, sperm at motels, and white privilege.

“Why did the chicken cross the road? Because there was a black guy walking behind him,” Louis C.K. said in his opening joke and the audience groaned in uncomfortableness.

“Don’t be upset, this is not a racist joke. The chicken was racist, he was definitely racist, but that’s chickens,” he explained.

He continues his zoology-based humor by ranting on giraffes, moose, and goats.

“I’m thinking of buying a goat because I want a trashcan that I can make love to.” The crowd groaned again and Louis snapped back, “I don’t care that you’re upset, I’m still getting the goat.”

“This is my favorite thing to do, stand-up comedy. I’ve been doing this for 32 years now,” he reminisced. “And it’s been going great for four years.”

He talks about staying at shitty motels when he was a struggling comic. Motels so atrocious that the beds have a “big pool of sperm, a deep pool with a current.”

The all-time great comedian then took on white privilege in his own unique way when a 5-star hotel lost his laundry.

“You can hear in my voice that I’m white,” he told the concierge at a hotel. “I will defend that right now. Because look, it’s wrong that white people get preferential treatment. But as long as they do, what’s going on at this hotel? I’m supposed to get the best! Because I’m white! Which is awful and wrong … but where is it right now?”

His latest stand-up special debuted on April 4 on Netflix.