Louis C.K. Delivered a Hilarious, Brutal Opening Monologue on ‘SNL’ Last Night

Louis C.K. has made a career off honesty and a willingness to find comedy in even the darkest places. But his opening monologue as host of SNL last night was still surprising for just how far the show let him go. Among other things, he… calls God a single dad who may or not have murdered his wife. It makes sense in the context of the joke, but as you’d expect, this didn’t go over well with some religious folks.

Anyway, the entire monologue was a funny 10 minutes of standup from a guy who always has something interesting to say. My highlight: At the end of the set, Louie makes a pretty fucking good point on wife-beaters (the shirt). “Women have a rough time. It was so okay to beat your wife until recently, that today we have a kind of shirt named after it. There’s a piece of clothing in our culture affectionately nicknamed after beating the crap out of your wife! And for some reason this is offensive to NOBODY.”

Yeah, wife-beaters have really skirted under the radar. The wife-beater industry must look at the Redskins organization and think, “Whew. Glad that’s not us.”