‘Mad Men’ Writers Want to Make a Show About NASA in the ‘60s

As Motherboard pointed out in an article on the pitch, the idea makes sense. Mad Men's seasons typically accelerate a year or two, and right now the show is set in early 1968. Times are changing. Many of the “values” practiced by Don and Pete aren't really going to fly in the 70's. Plus, the coming decade isn't looked on quite as nostalgically as the 60's—everyone dressed like shit, the music started to get worse, and drinking at 10 a.m. began to be seen as “not healthy.”

People actually care about space again. Tom Hanks was starring in Apollo 13 the last time anyone cared this much.

Since the closure of the space shuttle program, there's been an uptick in interest in the history of space travel in America. NASA told Wired that the agency helped with over 100 documentary films in 2012, while also welcoming a flood of new fans checking in on the Curiosity rover landing on Mars. Over 3.2 million people watched the landing. Why wouldn't they want to watch more space-related stuff?


I'm excited.

[H/T: Motherboard]