Someone Figured Out How Many People The Characters On ‘Friends’ Had Sex With, With THIS Character Scoring The Most

It’s been almost 12 years since Friends finally ended its decade-long run on television, and yet despite being its first episode airing in 1994 the sitcom is still watched by millions of people today. Hell, my boyfriend just binge-watched the entire series on Netflix from start to finish in the span of one week and he keeps going on and on about how “It’s the best show ever!!!!!”

I remain to be convinced, but for those of you who share his enthusiasm for the show the Irish Examiner figured out how many people each main character on Friends had sex with. The results aren’t particularly shocking (image via Metro):

Between all six characters they had sex with 120 people, with Joey coming in first with 40 notches on his bedpost whereas Chandler only scored 10. I’d think Rachel would’ve boned more people than Phoebe, but then again Phoebe seems like a bit of a nut so I can see her madly swiping right on Tinder looking for some self-validation.

[H/T Metro & Irish Examiner]