Meet the Man Who Has Built a Real-Live Bat Cave

Christopher Weir loves Batman. So much so, he's converted his basement into a replica Bat-Cave. The undertaking hasn't been cheap, but he's been dedicated enough to attract some serious attention. Via Uproxx:

In 2006, Chris Weir searched far and wide for the perfect home for his family, and while most people might have wanted a pool or plenty of toilets, Weir’s demands were pretty simple – a huge basement. But don’t worry, it’s not as creepy as it sounds. You see, the 38-year old husband and father of two just wanted a lot of space so he could build his very own Bat Cave.

Weir has been obsessed with Batman comics and movies since he was a child, so he decided that he wanted his own secret room of solitude to house and protect his massive collection of memorabilia, as well as his 120-inch movie screen and home theater seats. In all, Weir spent about $100,000 on fulfilling his man-nerd dream, which means that he obviously doesn’t have the coolest gadgets like his own Batmobile or an Anne Hathaway/Catwoman sex doll. Wait, no, I meant Batwing.


In other news, one of those kids looks like he's on the verge of completely disowning batman. Guess that's how villains are born. And/or burnouts. 

[H/T: Uproxx]