This Map Shows Where Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Are From…Because Why Not.

I’m really okay with this new trend where everything imaginable gets plastered to a map. Map of states with the most people who have HIV? Check. Map of largest largest company by revenue in each state? Check. And now instead of those mildly horrifying/interesting maps we have one that shows up which state each Marvel character came from. Unsurprisingly, mostly everyone is from New York. Why is that not surprising? Because while walking to the office today I saw at least 4 different people dressed up in varying degrees of “what the fuck.” As in, capes, masks, shorts that only Wonder Woman can pull off and yet deez bitches thought it’d be a good idea to let their ass fat hang out in public, etc. In other words, New York is weird as fuck.

Check out the map below.

[Images Via Movoto]

[H/T Elite Daily]