The Internet Photoshopped A VERY Excited Margot Robbie At A Hockey Game And Oh My God, These Are AMAZING

We, like most of the rest of the world, do love us some Margot Robbie. Regardless of the fact that the 26-year-old dream bae secretly got married before Christmas we’re still huge fans.

And speaking of fans, Robbie attended a recent New York Rangers game and by the looks of that photo above, she was VERY excited about it. Not totally unexpected considering she’s mentioned in the past that she even plays on a hockey team herself.

But that photo though… Of all the Photoshop Battles we’ve shared, very few photos were more tailor-made to be messed with by the internet more than this one.

As you will see, the results are nothing short of spectacular…

Check out the rest, and there are MANY, over at Reddit.

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