Dammit, Margot Robbie Secretly Got Married This Weekend Ruining All Of My Plans For 2017

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Man, as if 2016 couldn’t suck any worse now, on a Monday of course, we find out that 26-year-old dream bae Margot Robbie is officially off the market.

The worst part is that we didn’t even have time to prepare ourselves as she went and got secretly married to her boyfriend Tom Ackerley over the weekend.

And here I was all ready to make my move in 2017 as one of my New Year’s resolutions.

Reports The Daily Mail

Margot Robbie has married boyfriend Tom Ackerley at a secret location in Byron Bay. The 26-year old actress arrived home in a suggestive Say ‘I Do’ Down Under T-shirt last week at Gold Coast airport. The Daily Telegraph reported that she wed over the weekend.

Tipping the publication off, were pictures of her brother Cameron at their wedding party with four of her friends, and other images posted by Tom’s brother James. The article suggested James posted from a renowned wedding venue Harvest Newrybar in Byron Bay on Sunday. While other guests have kept a low profile on social media, the publication suggested a friend of the star, which they chose to not name, posted a secretive snap of an intimate beachside location set up for a wedding.

Having now tied the knot with her filmmaker partner of three years after being engaged earlier this year, the happy couple are yet to post their own snaps from the wedding. While The Sun have also reported on the union, suggesting Margot’s mother Sarie gave her away at the wedding, as she is estranged from her father Doug. Her other siblings Lachlan and Anya were assumed to also be in attendance, with her sister believed to be her maid of honour on the special day. Cameron, who flew back to Queensland on Saturday, was tagged in a photo at their wedding party with four of her friends.


No way I go see her forthcoming Harley Quinn movie now. (Okay, fine I will.)

Oh what could have been…


I wonder if her lookalike is still single?