This 19-Year-Old Girl Looks So Much Like Margot Robbie She Gets Marriage Proposals In Public

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Nothing chaps my ass more than when I’m in public and someone comes up to me asking me to sign their boobies thinking I’m Steve Buscemi. I’m flattered, ladies, I really am, but please, no more pointing and laughing.

A 19-year-old Aussie chick also knows what it’s like to get the attention of the rich and famous without having the money to rent (SAMESIES!). Her name is Eva Autumn, a call center worker, who may quit her job in order to pursue a professional look-a-like person. I don’t think you’ll find that job description on LinkedIn, but welcome to 2016!

Eva, who has amassed over 10,000 Instagram followers, claims that what started with one photo has spiraled into marriage proposals and autograph requests.

“It sort of hit off after one photo. It’s like I have my own fan base. It’s really weird because I get messages and comments of people saying ‘I’m a massive fan of you’ or ‘I love you’ and even ‘will you marry me?’ and so on.

Eva now has 10,000 followers and says she tries to respond to everyone who reaches out to her. So after this post, I’ll see you boys in the DMs.

“I just think, wow, it’s amazing really. I will always try and reply to everybody, I don’t want to seem stuck up or snobby. “I really enjoy talking to people around the world and encouraging people to dress up and to live their dreams.”

Margot is in a league of her own, but Eva is a solid store-brand substitute.

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