Everyone On the Planet Thinks Matthew McConaughey Is a God These Days

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Allow me to fanboy-out for a second. Have you watched Dallas Buyers Club? Or Wolf of Wall Street? Or True Detective? Matthew McConaughey is the buzziest Bro on the planet these days, with everyone gushing about his raw, primal acting talent. His performance in True Detective alone makes me think his bust should be enshrined in the hallowed halls of the Smithsonian as an American national treasure. This past week’s episode was nothing sure of combustible intensity.


ANYWAY, we’re not the only ones obsessed with McConaughey and his big swinging dick these days. Last night on Facebook Channing Tatum uploaded this picture, noting he was writing Magic Mike 2 while staring at a bust of Matthew McConaughey, who starred in the first Magic Mike. It’s symbolic of how McConaughey has achieved cultural demi-god status right now, perhaps as the most insanely idiosyncratic A-lister since mid-90s Johnny Depp. The cosmos have aligned in his favor since his marijuana-toking, naked bongo-drum days of yore, even though he hasn’t really changed at all:


The man’s hot streak is thermonuclear and simply can’t be cooled by mere mortals. Keep it up and never change, McConaughey. You’re an inspiration to the Bro universe at large.

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