Matthew McConaughey Is Going Full McConaughey In Three New Commercials For Lincoln


McConaughey is really McConaughey-ing his dick off in these commercials for the new Lincoln MKC. He’s actually Rust Colhe-ing it more than anything. Which sucks, because goddammit I miss Rust.

Man. We had some times, didn’t we, Rusty?

Yeah, we had some times…

(Side note: Look how sweaty he is. It’s classic Rust Cohle — all sweaty and disheveled and shit. Why the hell was Cohle always so sweaty looking anyway? I need these answers for closure. Without them I am not equipped to move on.)

Lincoln obviously wanted to pull no punches with these commercials; you don’t bring on McConaughey if you’re not looking to rule the fucking world. Or at least sell a few SUVs and maybe a sedan or two.

And another, which, IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, is even better.