This Story About Matthew McConaughey Allegedly Stealing Two Six Packs Of Beer Is The Best Thing You’ll Read Today

We love our commenters here at BroBible. We love when they share their stories and rich life experiences. We love when they send us tips, provide commentary, and further elaborate on stories. That’s what makes the Internet great, after all.

Earlier this week we posted about Redditors who shared embarrassing encounters with celebrities. Below the post, one frequent commenter here at BroBible chimed in with a story from a former security guard friend of his.  The friend alleges that  Matthew McConaughey swiped two six packs of beer from behind a bar after winning a fancy pants award in his home state of Texas. Again, allegedly.

Everyone who has spent any significant amount of time in Austin has a wacky McConaughey story. He’s a patron saint of fun and “they’ll never believe you” weirdness, much like his fellow Hollywood Bro King, Bill Murray.

Collectively, these stories just add into the wonderful mystique of Matthew McConaughey.

Here is the story, allegedly:

A friend of mine used to tell me this story about when he worked as a security guard back in college for a private security contractor based out of Austin (read: rent-a-cops). Mostly just keeping fans away from the stage at music festivals and the like.

Anyway, one day he was assigned to a gig at the Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards ceremony. It was held in a hangar that had been decked out with a stage, dining tables, and a big catering setup. While the ceremony was going on, he was instructed to keep anyone not on the guest list or with a crew badge out. At the end of the ceremony, it was his job to make sure to make sure none of the guests left with anything they didn’t bring in (apparently this is a big problem at these things?).

The ceremony went off pretty uneventfully, but at the end he sees some asshole grab a couple six-packs of Corona from behind the bar and head for the side exit. So my buddy chases him down, grabs him by the shoulders, spins him around and goes “HEY ASSHOLE! YOU CAN’T TAKE-”

And that’s when he realizes he’s just grabbed Matthew McConaughey. And not only does he have a six pack in each hand, he’s also got a TFHoF Lifetime Achievement Award clenched between his arm and his chest. Now my buddy is no fan of Matthew Mcconaughey and is not the type to be awestruck by celebrities, but he was so surprised at who he was man-handling he just kind of froze and couldn’t think of what to say next.

So Matthew Mcconaughey just slowly backs out the door and leaves, not saying a word, beer still in hand.

Later that night my buddy got his ass chewed out by his boss for letting Matthew Mcconaughey escape with the beer. To this day he still curses Matthew McConaughey’s name whenever it is mentioned, and considers him to be his Arch Nemesis. Though I’m fairly sure this is a somewhat one-sided rivalry.

If true, that just makes us love him even more.

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