Meek Mill Comes Back From The Dead To Squash The Drake Beef With His Twitter Fingers

The only battle more one-sided than the Drake/Meek Mill beef was the Ronda Rousey/Beth Correia massacre. After Drake’s former friend Meek Mill speculated that he doesn’t write his own raps, Drake released an absolutely fire diss track called ‘Back to Back’ shredding the Philly rapper for being a small fry and stuck in his girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s shadow. I mean, the track was so hot, Meek’s hometown Philadelphia Eagles bumped the song at practice.

A little excerpt:

You love her, then you gotta give the world to her,
Is that a world tour, or your girl’s tour?
I know that you gotta be a thug for her,
This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.

Drake really put the nail in the coffin when he opened with the diss track at OVO Fest with social media memes roasting Meek playing on giant screen in the background.

Meek Mill sheepishly came back with a half-assed diss track entitled “Wanna Know,” that hardly packed a punch, due in part to the fact that you couldn’t make out a word he was saying. Then he attempted to diss Drake at his concert in Charlotte, which missed the mark. Again.

Meek has finally made a good decision: deleting “Wanna Know” off Sound Cloud, and posting a beef-squashing sentiment on Twitter. He since deleted the comment citing,

“I don’t feel like I gotta try to prove myself to people and end up in a real situation over this fake rap sh*t!” he wrote. “All this killer sh*t on social media is like walking ya self into prison and that ain’t my lifestyle.”

I, for one, never want this to end.

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