Michael Buble Taking All Kinds Of Heat For Sneakily Posting A Photo Of Woman’s Butt On Instagram

Another day, another outrage and this one is a doozy.

Mom-approved singer Michael Buble is under fire for a recent Instagram post. The photo, presumably taken by his wife, shows the contemporary caroler standing in front of a woman with very short shorts.

The rash of complimentary hashtags, including the always classy #beautifulbum, were not enough to keep the Internet pitchforks from being raised.

Here’s a sampling of individuals who have put Buble in their crosshairs.



Uh oh. So much internet trouble brewing.

You likely have strong feelings on this. Perhaps you’ve already burned your expansive Buble record collection. Perhaps you’ve gone outside and stared at the sun, wondering how society has become so damn soft.

Personally, I’m just jealous of people who can muster the energy to feel so passionately about what Michael Buble puts on Instagram. God bless them for that. 

I can barely work up the willpower to eat, drink and look both ways before crossing the street. And those are the actions I need to complete in order to survive.

The real lesson, as it always is, is to never do anything. It will only end in heartache.